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Biodynamics, ecology in the fields and vineyards.

The soil is a source of life. Within this ecosystem, each micro-organism, each element contributes to the vitality and the richness of the sub-soil and to the growth of healthy and vigorous plants.

Biodynamics rely on a perfect understanding of terroir and nature. Its aim is to maintain, or bring back, a balance that guarantees biodiversity with a global approach that goes beyond te concept of organic farming.

The soils are prepared carefully, without ploughing and according to the phases of the earth and the moon.

Hoeing will depend on what the purpose is. In the morning, plants will be dynamized, in the afternoon, it will allow for permeability so that the soils can better maintain their water reserves.

Obviously synthetic product from the chemical industry, whether fertilizers, weed-killers, pesticides or insecticides, are banned and mineral, vegetal or animal products will be favoured.

MT horn manure compost is rich in bacteria’s and contains elements that favour the formation of a clay-humus complex and reinforce the process of decomposition.

Horn manure, also kwon as preparation 500, dynamizes the undeground life and acts upon the root system.

Horn silica, also known as preparation 501, helps the development of leaves and fructification.

Other plants (yarrow, camomile, nettle, valerian, dandelion, oak bark…) are also used after transformation or fermentation, sometimes together with products of animal origin to obtain a humus with specific qualities.

The synergy of those processes benefit to the soil and the vines.

The grapes integrate the specificity of the terroir to allow the production of high quality wines with intensified aromas.

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Your wine is a little happiness for the soul.
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With Thomas BAUR, the wine estate has entered a new area.

New methods of planting, new productions and obviously new methods of cultivation with a switch over for the entire estate into biodynamics.

Biological certification by Ecocert in 1998 was followed by biodynamic certification in 2004.

Crémants, white wines, red wines, Grands Crus, Vendanges Tardives and Grains Nobles have all been magnified.

Pierre says that biodynamics add a layer of complexity, of purity and guarantee balanced wines. As for Thomas, the quality of a wine is directly linked to the attention and care given to the vineyards.

The Baur family wine estate signature translates as respect of traditions, love of the terroir and striving for excellence.



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